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Our customer feedback is the reason we love what we do!! 



"I was lucky to score a pot of this stuff up at BBQ Wars in Port Macquarie and from the moment I opened the jar and took a smell, I was immediately green with envy! I wished I had come up with this idea first and I have been kicking myself ever since! Trust me, once you try it you will feel the same way!" Michael Rose (Australian BBQ Aliance Product Reviewer, BadAss BBQ Team)


"Blend Smoked Honey; bloody lovely stuff! Makes an average cook like me into a chef!!" Matthew Purcell 



"As a competition BBQ’r and passionate home cook, I take great pride in searching for only the best local ingredients I can get my hands on. A friend of mine was kind enough to give me a jar of Blend Smoked Honey and from that very first taste of the incredibly perfect mix between smoky and sweet, I was hooked! I now buy it by the box load and use it in everything from a base for my competition BBQ rubs and sauces through to a finishing drizzle on everything both savoury and sweet! I can honestly say it is my favourite and most versatile ingredient in my entire kitchen and BBQ kit!" Chris 'Ballsy' Bollins (Balls BBQ and Founding Member Brisbane BBQ Mafia)


"Blend Smoked Honey. Why didn’t we think of that?? It’s honey with a big set of smokey balls that inspire endless combinations on the BBQ or smoker. We love it on our ribs, smoked salmon or pretty much anything that squeals when caught. The flavor is robust yet seems to mellow and compliment anything we baste, mix or drizzle on. That little jar is a great secret weapon against any bland BBQ and will kick-start many creative cooking ideas. Shank Bros approved!!" Ralph Barnett (Co-Founder 'The Shank Bros' Competition BBQ Team)


"You'll never forget your first taste of Blend, it's one of those gastronomic "Wow!" moments. What's not to like, there's a smokey, local passion behind the label that can't be beat. If I was a bee, I'd wanna work for Blend!!!" Mikey Hilburger (Chief Brewer @ Picklehead Pickles)


"Perfect combination of sweet honey and mellow smokiness. Love using it on beef ribs as a final coat before serving or mixing it up as a glaze for the special rack of pork ribs. Blend Smoked Honey is fantastic" Matt Bromage (pit-boss)


"Where do I start? I’m a massive supporter of Artisan producers and was lucky enough to stumble across Blend and their Instagram account. I purchased a couple of jars to use with my low n slow bbq recipes and my lord did it make a difference.Just taking the lid off a jar of Blend Smoked Honey is a religious experience in itself. The smoked sweetness is amazing!I have used Blend Smoked Honey in my smoked pork ribs and pulled pork shoulders and they are a match made in heaven.Drizzled over roasted root vegetables, salmon, chicken, it’s a winner all round.Who would have thought Honey could be so savoury.10/10 product, service and value". Drew from (@Drewsbrekkyblog & Founding Member Brisbane BBQ Mafia)


"I stumbled across Blend Smoked Honey through some mates, and it has quickly become a game changer in my kitchen. Whether I use it as a core ingredient or as a last minute drizzle, this artisan honey adds a subtle complexity and dimension to the finished dish. Beside the fact that it is an amazing product, I love that I can support a local business that supports other local businesses, that is a win-win in my opinion!" Geoff Barker (@geoffs_kitchen)








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